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At Mehta Furnishers,
Discover the aesthetic, artistic & environmental friendly simple wicker and wooden artworks for an aura of east in an otherwise western room.
Discover the year round tropical atmosphere for you, the old fashioned charm of winter gardens or the freshness of a summer home.
Discover how the ideal curves molded for elegance generate a casual, relaxed atmosphere and are inviting.
Discover that the handcrafted cane and wooden products co-habitat gracefully with traditional furnishings and accessories.
Discover a variety of options to protect nature and protect the environment too.
Discover why among the best hospitality institutions Mehta Furnishers has earned a well deserved reputation for providing an efficient, meticulous
and personalized service to its clients whose beautiful properties are so important to them.

At Mehta Furnishers, we customize individual requirements of Hoteliers and are now into the 25th year of operations.

The website is indicative of the products we do.

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